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The Rhodes Procedure is an energizing and one of a kind methodology to MRI’s for neck and spinal wounds that uncovers what standard MRI’s are unable to see – a perspective of the cervical spine in flexion and expansion.

This method was resulting from Dr. Rhodes’ own experience and disappointment. “I just got tired of receiving one negative MRI scan after another on patients I knew had real complaints without suspected malingering.” So the wheels began turning and Dr. Rhodes thought about what would happen if┬áhe put a patient in flexion and augmentation amid MRI. In the wake of heading off to a nearby MRI and asking the professional to do just that, he found it was actually unthinkable with the current supplies setup.

Subsequently Dr. Rhodes made and protected a gadget that works with almost every MRI machine. The whole process has lead to the Rhodes Procedure. For a definite look from a therapeutic viewpoint click on the connection underneath.

The Rhodes Procedure (PDF Format). To view these documents you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. In the event that you don’t have this application you may download it for nothing by clicking the connection beneath.